You've stumbled upon the future home of Jeff Norden's personal website. I've only just started on it, so nothing is ready for public consumption just yet. In the meantime, here are two of my favorite John Prine lyrics.

The first one is taken from the song Donald and Lydia, which appears on his first (self-titled) album from 1971.* Even without the rather interesting context of the song, it's one of the most enchanting and beautiful lyrics that I know of. The second lyric is from John's last album, The Tree of Forgiveness. By an interesting coincidence, it happens to be an almost perfect description of the state of my own life right now.

  1. Dreaming just comes natural,

    Like the first breath from a baby,

    Like sunshine feeding daisies,

    Like the love hidden deep in your heart.

    Donald & Lydia, (©1971, John Prine)
  2. The lonesome friends of science say : "The world will end most any day."

    Well if it does, then that's okay, 'cause I don't live here anyway.

    I live down deep inside my head, where long ago I made my bed.

    I get my mail in Tennessee; my wife, my dog, and my family.   Uh-hu.

    The Lonesome Friends of Science, (©2018, John Prine)

*As I reflect upon all the music that I've enjoyed in my lifetime, I realize that I don't know of anything that compares to John Prine's first album. It is absoluely astounding that a young man of 25 years was able to produce, right off the bat, an album with so many songs that make such deep, meaningful, and profound observations about our world.

Unfortunately, this really was his last album. Of all the horrible things that covid has wrought, taking John Prine's life was certainly one of it's most evil single actions.